To create enduring opportunities for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities to be and be recognized as contributing members of the community.


Are you looking for your community?


Serving the community that feels like a family begins with Devenio Board of Directors and Staff. We welcome those interested in serving the mission of Devenio, Inc. at a strategic as well as hands on level, to contact us for more information. Come to one of our events, get to know us, and explore the opportunities of impact we have to offer that you could be a part of.

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GEna mitchell

Executive Director - Founder

"I wouldn't change my daughter for the world, but I would change the world for her.  Devenio allows me the opportunity to do so- one race, one soccer practice and one dance class at a time."

kathleen li

Board Member

"It is so rewarding to be a part of Devenio's unique mission of community building.  My entire family has grown from the experiences, and had a lot of fun doing it!

Madeleine Willner


"I attribute much of my development of teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills to my years of playing soccer. I share in Devenio’s passion to create the same fun, inclusive learning opportunities for the disabilities community."

Krista Nunez

Board Member

Inclusion is the thread that weaves together a stronger, united community – Devenio’s mission seeks to create just that with the disability and D.C. Metropolitan area communities.   I am excited and honored to be part of such a wonderful organization, and look forward to creating even more dynamic events and lasting memories.

Leslie Morrell

Event Co-Chair

"Bringing communities together to create fun and memorable experiences for everyone is why I love being a part of Devenio. I value being a part of an organization that creates limitless experiences for all people with differences."

Michael stanisich


"The community based mission of inclusion is what draws me to Devenio. I consider it an honor to play a small role in assisting the organization's goal to provide opportunities and eliminate barriers for beneficiaries who are oftentimes under-served."

Dania Smalletz

Board Member

"Helping to create inclusive communities and the associated opportunities for learning, connection, and enrichment for all, inspires me and is what makes me thrilled to be a part of Devenio."

Juliana Mitrojorgji

Board Member

"I am dedicated to serving organizations with powerful missions of helping the disability community using my 13 years of considerable cross-functional experience across multiple business environments in both the private and public accounting sectors. I want to set an example for my two daughters and teach them the importance of volunteering and helping communities in need not only through monetary means but also through service."

Christine Fleming

Program Director

"I brought a vision, a wish, and a mission to the doorstep of Devenio and and found a home.  Devenio in Motion’s mission—to empower people with disabilities, enlighten their communities, and inspire inclusion through the art and discipline of dance—is met with guidance and nourishment in the care of Devenio and all of it’s community members!"

Erika McTish

Program Director

"Through my work with children with disabilities and their families, it is clear how much of a need there is for the many programs and events provided by Devenio.

I know what a significant impact my own experiences with dance, soccer, and other community activities have had on my life and I am passionate about creating those same opportunities for individuals with disabilities."



Shannan Winkler


"It is amazing to be part of an organization that has the passion and drive that Devenio does.  Devenio is an example of an organization wanting to make an impact on the disability community and works everyday to ensure they accomplish there mission.  It is my honor to be able to support Devenio."



“I love Devenio because I see my friends and learn my moves. It is special.” -Devenio Participant






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