New Year, New Resolution

As with years past, we all start the new year off with new resolutions.  Wash, rinse, repeat each year.  So, in keeping with the tradition, we at Devenio would like to share our resolutions with you.  However, unlike the many resolutions made, ours are TO YOU, our community.   

In 2018, Devenio's New Year Resolution is to be the leader in facilitating programs that offer lifelong activities for individuals with disabilities with community partners to empower our participants.  Sounds good, right?  I agree, and the first step to putting this resolution into action is building infrastructure, which we have done.  Devenio is a young organization, and we are reliant on volunteers to keep the wheels turning.  For the past three years everything Devenio has accomplished has been driven by the need in our community, it has been organic.  Now, in 2018, we will build on that need to best serve our participants and our community.

Stepping into the new year, I am ecstatic about the strong team of board members and key volunteers that we have recruited to assist in the guidance and governance of the organization.  I hope that you will join me in welcoming these individuals and I look forward to a great year ahead!

Board of Directors:
Cassie Li- President of the Board
Dania Smalletz- Vice President
Madeleine Willner- Secretary
Juliana Mitrojorgji- Treasurer
Michael Stanisich
Divya Ghadra
Shannan Winkler
Krista Nunez
Darren Ruch
Molly Crismond
Gena Mitchell, ED & Founder

Assistant Race Directors:
Leslie Morrell
Michelle Tetschner

Program Directors:
Christine Fleming, Devenio in Motion
Erika McTish, Fun Bunch Soccer

Brieanna Ioyamhan, Communications Intern
Aya Sallam, Finance Admin