Welcome to DEVENIO

Our mission at Devenio is to create enduring opportunities for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities to be and be recognized as contributing members of the community.

Through Devenio’s programs and events, we strive to build an INSPIRED COMMUNITY where each of our circles reach an intersection and we then grow together. Our goal is to enhance this inspired community, one experience or event at a time, for a life-long impact on each of us and our individual and overlapping circles.



Education tools for students with IEP’s.

Devenio’s RESPECT PATROL was originally created to support students in special education by providing support and resources to the schools and educators working with these students.  Due to the current health crisis surrounding COVID-19, this initiative is pivoting to support students with cognitive and developmental disabilities during the transition to online learning. With guidance from our Education Advisor Team,  Devenio is creating RESPECT PATROL EDUCATION KITS (RPEK) to provide to students in special education who may need more manipulatives and tangible items to continue with their learning.  We also realize that families may not have access to these materials, nor the full knowledge of what is needed, and this is where we can help. 




Teams for youth, teens and adults with disabilities

Devenio Soccer Club serves youth with cognitive and developmental disabilities ages 5- adult, and is built on the foundation of teamwork and is driven by the belief that ALL children, those with and without disabilities, need a place to belong- something to be a part of. These players are given the opportunity to find their niche and to ultimately flourish with practice, competition, and friendship with teammates. Identifying with your peers and teammates is a powerful thing in regards to the development of a child. We all know this, and it is time for children with differences to have that same opportunity.



Dance company teens and adults with disabilities

Devenio Dance provides rigorous training to dancers age 14 to adult with cognitive and developmental disabilities, empowering them with real opportunities to perform independently. Regular, meaningful creative work—the building of a repertoire—provides purpose and community for its dancers and community partners. Performances showcase and share dancers’ joy and passion, and create awareness of the abilities and possibilities of people with special needs.




High School Club

Devenio Club is for high schoolers who are motivated to learn about nonprofits and advocacy, through a commitment to support Devenio’s mission to create a community in which everyone’s value is recognized. In partnership with Charity Connect and Devenio, students learn from individuals with disabilities and use their voices to create change.



A Gala for teens creating change

Devenio’s jOURney to inspire, a gala for teens creating change, is a unique event designed to inspire five hundred (500) high school student attendees from the DC metro area to become more involved in their communities, either through Devenio programs and events or something that they are personally connected to and to inspire these students to use their voice to have a positive impact in their communities. The gala is being planned FOR and BY high school students and is the only event in the area open to all school’s students to attend.

NEXT GALA: Sunday, March 15, 2020


5K & 1K Kids Dash


Down Syndrome Awareness

Race4Respect™ 5K & 1K Kids Dash was founded on the belief that if given an opportunity to experience an event together with someone who has Down syndrome, or any other disability, it will help to eliminate negative stereotypes and judgments. These are the people that will one day be more inclined to hire these individuals, help them at the bus stop, chat with them at a coffee shop, or simply believe in their ability before automatically dismissing them as unable. Race4Respect™ offers a USATF sanctioned 5K, 1K Kids Dash and a Virtual Race Option on the most coveted course in Washington, DC. This is a family friendly event with beautiful views!

NEXT RACE: Saturday, June 6, 2020

“My daughter shines and she’s accepted, wanted and loved. Devenio is a wonderful place to be.” - Program Parent